Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coming Soon!!!

Well, I have another assignment!!! Just like in school I am catching up at the last minute :)
I do have an excuse though - i could not figure out my login info for this blog I started in JANUARY, and I didn't want to start a new one.

This summer has absolutely been one of THE MOST amazing/exciting/crazy/eventful/exhausting/busy everyday
summer I have EvEr had. I am so thankful to have the time and money to do all the things I have done this summer. It totally makes me realize that leaving Verizon last November was the right decision.
One of the most memorable moments this summer was on me and Jason's anniversary. We went skydiving!!! I know -- CA-RAZY :P

Well, being a scrapbooker and shutterbug at heart (nevermind that I havent really scrapped in YEARS) I of course bought the package for each of us to have the video and stills. It was well worth the money and with my Lime Ricky kit from I am gonna make an AwEsOmE memory book for me and Jason - as if we could ever forget right?!?!??! So here's a little preview of the pics and the kit I will be using.

This kit is gonna be perfect with all the bright colors, the birds, and rub-on phrases like "Jump!"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

~ Back 2 School Alterations ~

So yeah, I guess I am a little behind getting this thing going :)~
But, now I have more motivation!!! I have become a member of the Kit Club on will be posting a link on my blog to theirs as soon as I figure out how ;) I totally LoVe this website and I really want to get into the contests and stuff they have for us scrapbookers!!! So here is my first asssignment:
These are Composition Books I made for my daughter, niece, and nephew. I totally stole the idea of my SIL Lisa - so I can't take all the credit ;)~
Anyhow, with my daughters (8 yrs old), it was the first one, and mind you the first ANYTHING I have done in years....seriously!!! I have been stocking up on goodies for the last eight months, but haven't acutally used anything *guilty face* I'm sure my husband just loves how much money I spend on scrappy goodies that I wasn't using!! Well, I made hers at night after I talked with her a while about what she wanted, and when she saw it when she woke up she DID NOT like some of the paper I since it was totally for her I broke down and redid it!!!! I wasnt really paying much attention to the products I used, but I will get better at that as I go.
Some of the stuff used was Paper Studio, Prima, Thickers, and Heidi Swapp. Hers is the Purple one.

Second, I made my 12 year old niece one.....trying to learn from my mistakes, I took her to the store to pick stuff out. This made it a nice challenge. It was hard enough in the first place to NOT use stuff that I knew was not going to hold up from the wear and tear of a bookbag and schoolyear....but now using specific things I might not have picked, well, that was a whole different world ;)
Hers turned out very cute though and she is very happy with it as her fave color is green and she is NOT a super flowery girly girl, so she loved her RoCk stickers we found.
for hers I used:
>heidi swapp wing rub-ons,
>k&company "rockstar" chipboard stickers
>creative imaginations crown brad
>thickers "gift box" letters
>American Crafts "teen" paper line
>inked edges, blinged it and finished it with a ribbon!!

Lastly, but DEF not least is my fave 5 year old little nephew!!! I mean his book ;)~
I love, uh, I mean HIS the best. For his I used:
>Random Paper from stash
>VinylThickers "Sprinkles"
>Making Memories "heidi-white" rub-on letters
>Inque Boutiqe "Out of this world" felts and chipboard embellies
>buttons and felt ribbon from Lime Ricky kit
>used silver pigment to ink the edges & Fancy Pants rub-ons "the daily grind"
And FINALLY here are the pics.....I promise I will figure a way to condense my postings from short stories to the summary!!!LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So I absolutely love visiting my sister in laws blog, at least on a daily basis - despite the fact that she doesn't post stuff daily, and so I think I am going to try out this whole blogging thing.

I don't know if you HAVE to have a theme for these, but my sisters does and I like that idea, besides, I at least need a subject to ramble about -- so as of now I think the theme of this is going to be my interest in photography. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a complete shutter bug and that I secretly think I am a professional photographer that just hasn't been discovered yet!!!! I'm very amatuer, self trained, with a bit of a lack of equipment. I have a nice camera (thanks LI) but nothing on a professional level. I just love taking pics of my loved ones and anything else I see that looks like it should be imprinted forever on a piece of semi-gloss photo paper. I love how everyday things can become art with the right angle and lighting, unfortunatley half the time I see that, I can't seem to translate it to the picture correctly (hence my lack of technical skills)!!! With that said you will most definately see pics I have taken, probably a few random pics I have found on photobucket that I just like, and maybe a few guest spots from some friends of mine.

So anyhow.......hope you enjoy this - hope I enjoy this ;) and hopefully you dont mind run-on sentences, improper grammar, and a lack of punctuation -- and please feel free to leave comments or email me or post your own pics if you want to share (not sure if that can be done I am still learning) I am a talkative person, but much prefer a 2 way conversation, not to mention how lame it would be for me to be doing this blog and absolutely nobody even visiting it!!!!!

Well, let's get on with the show!!!

The weather outside sucks and so for my first pic I'm going to post one of my all time favorites from summer. I took it on my parents pontoon boat at Cinnamon Lake -- believe it or not this pic was not posed, I just happened to glance at the sunglasses and notice the reflection and thought what a great picture it would make. I wish you could see a bit more of the trees and lake in the backround , but before I cropped that stuff out you didn't really notice that there was a reflection in the sunglasses, also would have liked not to have seen the photographer in the reflection -- like I said, can't always translate what I envision.

Nonetheless, I love this pic and the way it capture the essence of summer at Grammas. Let me know what you think ;)